Are Irradiated Foods Labeled?

Radura LogoGovernment regulations require irradiated food at the retail level to be labeled "Irradiated" and to bear an international logo, the radura.

The petals represent the food, the central circle the radiation source, and the broken circle illustrate the rays from the energy source.

StrawberriesFor irradiated foods that are not packaged, such as bulk containers of fruit and vegetable, retailers must prominently display the required logo and phrase. Labeling requirements apply only to whole foods that have been irradiated.

Foods containing irradiated ingredients such as spices, but which are not themselves irradiated, need not bear a label.

Labeling is not required in restaurant foods. Opponents of irradiation in the United States want labeling on restaurant foods. If accompanied by an educational program, most consumers prefer the safety of irradiated foods compared to the increased potential for foodborne illness from non-irradiated food.

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