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What Products of Biotechnology Are in U.S. Supermarkets Now? :.

In the past, cheese was made using the enzyme rennin, extracted from a calf's stomach. Now a purer rDNA-derived enzyme preparation, Chymosin, is used in the production of more than half of the cheese in the market.

Papaya is one of several fruits that is currently sold in the markets. Please see this link for more information

Several plant products are currently grown and sold in some areas.

Product Benefit
  • Potatoes, corn, tomatoes
  • Resistant to insects
  • Less pesticide use
  • Zucchini, crook necked squash
  • Resistant to virus
  • Less pesticide needed to control insects which spread the virus
  • Tomatoes
  • Controlled or delayed ripening allows the best balance of sugars and tartness
  • Better tasting product for the consumer
    Reduced loss to molds after harvest
  • Milk produced more efficiently
  • Less feed needed and less manure produced